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Why Tread Patterns are Important

There are many different tire tread patterns and they all serve the purpose of traction! From the racing tires, sometime referred to as slicks to all terrain tires, the surface of the circumference of the tire is at the business end of the deal.  Needless to say, there is only a small portion of the tire that touches the ground at any given time, the tread helps keep you moving in the intended direction.

The Grooves molded into the surface help push water out from under the tire to keep you from hydroplaning.  This also plays the noise you hear, the road noise will differ with varying depth of the grooves.  For instance, when you hear a big truck moving down road, often times you will hear the tires road noise first!  Just the opposite when you see an electric passenger car, there is a good chance you might not hear anything!

The patterns help breaking, driving and traction force.  Find out which tread pattern is best fitted for your vehicle and driving style by calling us today.

Three major tread patterns:

  • Unidirectional tread pattern which is typically used with high-performance passenger cars
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern, the pattern changing across the face of the tire increase stability for corning with smaller blocks on the inside of the tread and larger toward the outside.
  • There is a mixture of unidirectional and asymmetrical patterns capable of achieving high dry performance on the inner side of the tread.

Addition patterns include:

Rib Tread Pattern, Lug Tread Pattern, Rib-lug, Block type patterns

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