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Retread Tires and Their Environmental Impact

We have all driven down the highway and noticed the remains of a tire on the side of the road.  This is retread from a bus, or delivery truck.  Retread tires are also used on airplanes and race cars let’s hope we don’t see those on the side of the road any time soon!

Retreading is applied to casing of spent tires that have been inspected and repair.  This preserves about 90% of the material in spent tires saving room in landfills and other resources in the production of new tires!  There is also a cost savings, involved, being about 20% the cost comparing to new manufacturing a new one.

The two main processes for retreading are called Mold Cure and Pre Cure.  Both processes start with the inspection of the tires.  Tire casings can be used many times if the inspection clears the casing from all debris and objects that may cause tire failure.  The Pre cure method applies prepared tread strips to the casing. It’s the most commonly used method of retreading.  There are seams where the strips meet, often seen when the retread has a blow and you see the strip laying on the side of the road.  The Mold Cure applies raw rubber to the casing and placed in a mold, there is a different mold for each tire size and tread design.

It was a common practice to retread or recap passenger tires in the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s.  However now-a-days you can buy a new tire and have it mounted for just a little more than you would to recap a tire.  According to the Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau, retread tires are just as safe as a new tire, the problem being, it’s a major perception problem.  The stringent inspection process to the tire carcass or casing determines whether or not the casing is suitable for retreading.  If there is the slightest imperfection the tire casing is discarded and recycled.

Retread Tires save resources and money for consumers, with nearly 20 million retreaded tires sold every year. It’s been debated that a retread tire is less safe than new tires.  So the NHTSA has ongoing research over the safety of retreading tires due to this concern.  The cost savings and savings with the resources are undeniable.

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